Weembee is Social Marketplace to buy local products that aren't available in other countries or online stores. People can purchase all kinds of local products directly from local producers and farmers from around the world. Products will be purchase by Travelers or Pickers who are close to the local shops or farms and will be delivered by themselves or through post carrier companies. We are the storytellers of local people who have been producing food and drink that symbolize their region's culture and history for years. We help them sell their products internationally, make money, and continue their ancestors' way. Also, we help you, who love to taste the history and culture of different places globally, buy these products online directly from offline locals. You can buy everything like local foods, pastry, Portuguese tuna fish, Pastéis de Alfarroba, Ginjinha, traditional cheese, Pastel de Nata, tea, herbals, and so on from unique local producers and farmers.
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