Buy food souvenirs from locals
 and Make money!

WeemBee is providing the possibility of online shopping from offline local food souvenir shops. We connect Shoppers who want to get local food with Travelers who offer to buy and bring the product to them in person.

Our Vision

WeemBee is an online marketplace focused on foods and beverage souvenirs from around Europe, that are difficult to find anywhere else.

Our Vision is to connect people through their foods culture.

WeemBee lets people repeat their authentic, pleasure experience by buying local foods and beverage from local people around Europe, empowering local business owners for making more sales, and let travelers make money by traveling, buy and bring the product for shoppers.

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We Honored to Create Community of Cultures

By connecting people to each others, Find new feirnds around the world and support our culture and local economy.

Secure Online Payments

Your money is safe with WeemBee. We uses a secure payment system and you have a money-back guarantee.

Empower the Community

We creat a global community which made by trust and respect on each others local culture and we work hard to keep it same and safe.

Guaranteed delivery

Weembee will pay to Traveler after you checked the shop phisycal recipet with your order and confirmed delivery.

For Travelers

Subsidize your trip every time your travel with WeemBee. Not only will you make money traveling, but you’ll also meet amazing locals along the way.

Find an order you can deliver and accept the deal

Wait for the shopper to pay for product price and your reward.

Visit the local shop and buy the item with your own money

Deliver the item, find a feirnd and recevie your reward

For Shoppers

WeemBee is the go-to way to shop for food and drinks souvenirs that aren’t available in your country. You can order just about food souvenirs on WeemBee, from Wine and handmade chocolate to special unique honey.

Find the special local food souvenir you are looking for

Wait for a traveler to accept to buy and deliver it to you

Pay for the product and traveler reward.

Meet the traveler, find a feirnd and recevied your purchase.

Our Story

Inspired by their shared passion for travel and food culture, Asma and Masoud created WeemBee, a trusted peer-to-peer community marketplace connecting shoppers and travelers all around Europe. With WeemBee, shoppers gain access to the food souvenirs they love, want and can’t get otherwise with a little help from travelers heading their way. Whether craving canned sardine from Lisbon or macarons from Paris, WeemBee offers a faster and friendlier way to shop the globe, and at the same time, empowers local shops to sell more and travelers to monetize extra space in their suitcases. After working in different teams, startups, companies we stayed for this day to work on a startup together! Now it is the time. We have researched for a few months on WeemBee idea. There are more than 700 million tourists visited Europe last year! We want to give access to more than 200 European food souvenirs to all people around the world.